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August 16th 2010

Rain Catchers


We wanted to do a short post to let you know what happened with the money you spent on the OK Tee. We had the opportunity to visit Haiti at the beginning of July. We spent two days with about 150 kids at an orphanage in Salines Mayette. Shortly after the earthquake the UN brought about 30 orphans that needed a place to stay, and this orphanage opened their arms. When we asked them what their biggest need was, they said “water.” Every day, sometimes twice a day, they have to walk to get water from a well. What little they bring back is gone very quickly.

With the money that you and YBW raised from the sales of the OK Tee, which totaled about $1,500, the orphanage will be able to buy about 8 rain catchers to keep on the roof of the orphanage. Giving them an opportunity to collect and store the water they need.

Thank you for your support of these children. You are making a huge difference in the lives of these kids.

July 16th 2010


If you’ve ever flown on a plane then you probably flipped through the SkyMall Magazine when there was nothing else to do. Or if you’re like me, you pick it up as soon as you get on the plane in hopes that someone has invented something new and ridiculous for you to laugh at. This past week on our way back from Haiti (more on that later) I found some gems that I would like to share with you.

The Bed Made EZ
We’ll start with a very typical product from Skymall, something you use for only one thing. One thing that you have never thought you would ever need a tool to accomplish. Until you read through SkyMall and realized that your back and fingernails do often get injured while making your bed and it’s time to put a stop to it.

Priceless Print Charm
Moving into the creepy realm, this lovely piece makes it possible to carry your loved ones finger print everywhere you go. If you ever start to miss that person, have no fear, “the simple act of touching such a thing removes that distance, and brings you comfort.”

Face Trainer
One of my personal favorites, the Face Trainer, brought to you by the lovely people at no!no! (why would you buy something from a company that is blatantly, and repeatedly telling you not to?)

“Cherish” Lifelike Baby Doll - You Name Her
And lastly, but by no means the least creepy, a fake “lifelike” baby. And just to drive home the creepy, it comes with a free hospital bracelet that “you can personalize.” Please do not ever buy this.

Thank you Skymall, please continue to amaze.

June 1st 2010

FREE Tote!

For the next 48 hours spend $50 or more and receive a FREE tote bag! Only while supplies last. Does not apply to Haiti Relief Tees.

May 28th 2010

YBW Video of the Month: May

That’s right, “video” not “videos.” There’s only one this month.

May 16th 2010


I was in a house funk today. A house funk usually begins with me somehow hearing about the new 5 bedroom home a friend of mine bought in some other part of the country for less than the price of a studio apartment in L.A. Apart from sitting on the 405 in traffic, home prices are the only part I really dislike about living in a big city. When I’m in this state I turn to one of my favorite blogs www.unhappyhipsters.com to remind myself that a house does not make a home.

“With her eyes closed, water tickling the tips of her fingers, she could conjure memories of a time before the bomb, before the zombies.”

“Ever the realist, he built his table for one.”

Here’s to you Los Angeles!


April 29th 2010



April 19th 2010

YBW Videos of the Month: April

This is an old video. If you’ve seen it before take this opportunity to watch it again.

YBW bow ties coming soon.

Summer is coming!

April 8th 2010

Nite Brite








If you’re ever leaving Staples center and don’t feel like spending
lots of cash on bar food at one of the L.A live restaurants, check out
Alexander’s Brite Spot.

I’m a sucker for ambiance so I loved this place instantly. It’s full
of warm colors, quirky artwork, quaint fresh flowers and the seats
have glitter in them! The food was better than what you’d normally
expect at a diner and the price made it taste even better. We chowed
down on a Reuben sandwich and German chocolate cake cupcake (so good!). Special thanks to our friends Mattherie for telling us about it.

If you’re ever in the echo park/silver lake area stop by for some
yummy,cheap,happy food.

March 31st 2010

April, Fools!


You know that really uncomfortable moment when someone tells a joke that’s not funny or does an impersonation that no one can recognize? For many April Fools Day just extends this agony for a full 24 hours. Help yourself out. If you’re going to participate in tomorrow’s festivities make sure you’ve got something good!

Don’t do it if:
- someone will cry if they think it’s true (I’m pregnant!)
- someone will cry when they find out it isn’t true (Will you marry me?)
- someone could lose their job (no sir, I’d never say something so inappropriate about your daughter)
- it will cause financial damage (dude it wasn’t even that much…no I’m not paying for it!)
- someone could be seriously injured (wasn’t it funny how I was pretending I was gonna drive us off the road!?)
- you could be seriously injured if you prank the wrong person (MERCY!)
- you need attention and hope that someone will pull a prank on you.
- you are the only person who thought your prank last year was funny, like so:


March 22nd 2010

Happy Hunting!


I’d like to believe that I am somewhat of a matchmaker, so ever since I stumbled across this little gem the other day i’ve been very excited to share it!

Do the ‘essentials’ on your eharmony account include growing your own organic produce, riding a bike everywhere or listening to vinyl because you can hear the difference?

If so then I am delighted to tell you about hipsterwifehunting.com. A one stop true love shop for all your hipster dating needs. The only problem with the website is that you have to identify yourself as a hipster…seemingly an oxymoron (I should mention at this point that one of my favorite singers is Faith Hill…there, now my opinion doesn’t matter anymore). good luck and if things work out let us know!